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Cable trunking accessories 101

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Cable trunking accessories are enclosures used to protect and neatly store cables out of the way, providing space for other electrical equipment. Cable trunking accessories also conceal and secure cables and protect them from dust or water damage.

Cable trunking accessories

Cable trunking accessories are perfect for use in home, commercial, and industrial settings. In addition to keeping your workspace looking tidy and tucking cables away neatly, cable trunking accessories also ensure safety, ensuring they are used in various spaces such as schools, hotels, and shops where cables need to be hidden from view and kept out of the way.

Types of cable trunking accessories

Mounting chains are used for guiding cables, fibre optics and hoses

Couplers are used for joining two lengths of system of cables, known as trunking

Cutting tools are used to remove any unwanted support ribs from slotted trunking devices like mounting chains

Switch sockets are standard light socks that are mounted on walls, using screws

Skirting trunking corners are used for hiding domestic and light commercial cables

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