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Welcome to Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers

Welcome to Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers. The company was established in 1997 by Wayne Simpson, who is often referred to as 'the friendly wholesaler'.

Wayne has almost 30 years of experience in the electrical supply industry and extensive experience in the industrial and plumbing supplies industry. Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers specialises in electrical spare supplies, cable, switchgear, and cable accessories. We are also a leading distributor of Phoenix Contact and Schneider Enclosures.

Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers regularly sells Phoenix contact terminals and major brands switchgear, including contactors, circuit breakers, cable enclosures, and all cable accessories. We’re also an electrical supplies supplier that provides domestic lighting solutions.

Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers regularly buys cable, enclosures, switchgear, light fittings, lamps, and fasteners.

As electrical wholesalers, we offer a range of goods and a team of friendly faces that make Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers a well-oiled machine.

Our team

The Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers team includes Vusi, our trusted driver, Julie, who is Wayne's personal assistant and often helps out with sales.

Lighting supplier

Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers is an industrial and domestic lighting supplier that offers lighting solutions, including LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, floodlights, and industrial lighting. LED lighting can reduce electricity bills by up to 45%. We provide a range of LED lighting options.

Electrical components

Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers specialises in electrical components such as electric starters, electric contactors, electronic timing modules, and much more. In addition, we stock Phoenix Contact products, including Clipline industrial connection technology, Pluscon field cabling, Combicon device connection technology and electronic housings, Trabtech power and signal quality, Interface signal converters, and everything necessary for components and systems automation.

Office furniture supply

Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers has the right furniture for your space. We offer high-quality furniture that provides improved comfort and support to boost your performance. In addition, our office furniture range is specifically designed for durability. Our range of office furniture includes desks, chairs, drawers, couches, and more.

Contact Bradcher Industrial Wholesalers

If you have any questions about our electronic, lighting, or office furniture offerings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and helpful team today for more information.


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